Warren Township Cheer & Pom

WTCP Head Coach Application



This year Warren Township Cheer and Pom is  looking for one ADULT coach for each team. This is new to our program and we are excited for this experience. Our Jr Coach's have always done a fabulous job and we are looking forward to them having additional help this season. 

Applications, criminal background checks and child abuse clearances are required for all cheer coaches. WTCP's background check program is handled though the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI).


- Provide an enjoyable experience for all athletes and Jr Coaches. Cheerleading should be fun. We are looking for coach's that have cheer knowledge and are able to incorporate their knowledge into a fantastic cheer season. 

- Provide a safe experience. You are responsible for planning and teaching activities in such a way that the progression between activities minimizes risks.

- Teach basic skills. In becoming a coach, you take on the role of educator. You must teach all of your athletes the fundamental skills and strategies necessary for success in Cheerleading.


Please reach out to Tiffany Estrada if you are interested. 847-613-7799 or tiffanye@warrencheerandpom.org 



Please reach out to Tiffany Estrada at tiffanye@warrencheerandpom.org with questions!